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Hybrid Platform

Build software for Web, Desktop, Mobile, Web Services etc., on a solid hybrid platform.


Develop a common platform which provides most commonly used features that are required for any software of any industry domain. So this platform can be used as a concrete base to initiate development, on top of this, developers can build their own modules.

About Hybrid Platform

This platform eliminates direct dependencies of core components.

System layers are separated into Presentation Layer, Interface Layer, Service Layer (aka Business Logic Layer), Repository Layer (aka Database Layer)

Core business layers are wrapped with interface layer, the presentation layer interacts with interface layer.

Business layer is exposed to interface layer, it gives very clear picture on what & how the business operation is carried out by the presentation layer.

Business layer internally interacts with Repository Layer through the interface layer to avoid direct dependency between Business Layer and Repository Layer.

Architecture Design:

Hybrid Platform - Architecture Design

Technologies Used

.Net Framework 4.5.1
Bootstrap 3
jQuery 1.10
AngularJS - MVC over the client browser
Dapper Dot Net - A lightweight ORM framework to ease sql operations
A Responsive template design included
Unity Framework - for instantiating class objects for the interfaces in a common place. (Read about Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control)
Web Optimization & Bundling - for optimizng javascript and css files, compress it and get it on one request-response

Techniques Used

Single Responsibility Principle
Repository Pattern
Domain Model
Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control
Unit of Work Pattern - yet to start
Pluggable Modules - yet to start


  • User management
  • Roles and Privileges
  • Module Management
  • Modular design to support detachable modules
  • Many more to be listed

More details will be updated while doing developments.

This project is open for community contribution

Please use the "Discussion" section for any suggestion/feature request/any queries

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